Elephant thumb

wtf is dis?


Type ground unit
Priority target nearest
Attack type target
Range 3
Speed 0.9
Army size 15

You can level up your Battle Elephant by researching them in the Workshop.

Elephant 450х300 01 Elephant 450х300 02
Level 1 Level 2

The higher the Battle Elephant's level, the higher his damage rate and hitpoints; recruitment cost also grows with each upgrade.

Recruiting and upgrading units requires Sand.

Damage Hitpoints Recruitment Sand cost Recruitment Bread cost Cost of sand to upgrade to the level Cost of bread to upgrade to the level Time of upgrade to the level
Lvl. 1 580 3500 500 30000 - - -
Lvl. 2 630 4000 525 35000 700000 45000000 1w 3d

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