Crystals that can be used to increase damage and protection for Warriors and Towers.  The crystals can be earned through the portal and the Bastion tournaments.  By collecting 3 of the same color and level plus magic coins earned in the arena, you can upgrade to a single crystal of the next level.  To combine these crystals, go to the Jeweler House.

Each tower can be upgraded with both a yellow (attack) and green (defense), insert is available under the upgrade section.  

Each warrior type can be upgraded with both a red (attack) and blue (defense), insert is available under the forge or workshop. 

Crystals can be removed for magic coin or replaced with another crystal (THE PRIOR CRYSTAL IS LOST using the replace!!!!!)

Lvl Magic Coins to upgrade Time to Upgrade % change to block or double damage Maximum chance for castles level 5 or lower Maximum chance for castles level 11 or higher
1 50 1 min 15 15 4.6
2 150 5 min 16 20.7 5.6
3 250 15 min 17 24 6.6
4 350 30 min 18 26.4 7.6
10 -- --

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