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  • This troop is available to purchase though an active VIP status. It is also received through the daily VIP rewards.

Skyrider Characteristics:Edit

Type ground unit
Priority target nearest
Attack type target
Range 3
Speed 2
Army size 1

Your Skyrider level is equal to your castle level. To level up your Skyrider you must level up your castle

The higher is the Skyrider level, the higher are his damage rate and hitpoints; recruitment cost also grows with each upgrade.

Recruiting this unit requires Gems Gem

Damage Hitpoints Recruitment cost
Lvl.1 5
Lvl.2 55 135 5
Lvl.3 80 170 5
Lvl.4 5
Lvl.5 5
Lvl.6 5
Lvl.7 5
Lvl.8 5
Lvl.9 5
Lvl.10 5
Lvl.11 5
Lvl.12 5
Lvl.13 5
Lvl.14 370 550 5

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